Network Management FAQ's

Network Management FAQ's

What is network management?

Which parts of the network does Plateau manage?

Why does Plateau manage its network?

How does Plateau manage its network?

  • Monitoring the network to identify congestion, security breaches, malware or damage to the network
  • Rerouting Internet traffic to relieve congestion
  • Port Filtering
  • Additions or upgrades to increase network capacity
  • Enforcement of Acceptable Use Policy, Terms and Conditions of Service, and/or Service Agreements against customers abusing the network
  • Using security protocols to ensure authentication of customers
  • Providing resources to customer’s for identifying and reporting spam, viruses, firewall issues, and phishing schemes
  • Filtering spam
  • Preventing viruses from harming the network
  • Thwarting denial of service attacks
  • Rate limiting certain traffic on Plateau’s fixed wireless network

Will Plateau's network management impact my online experience?

What can I expect if I am in violation of Plateau’s policies, the Broadband Internet AUP,Terms and Conditions of Service or the Internet Service Agreement?

  • Notification by Plateau that you are in violation of the company’s policies, Terms and Conditions or agreement and given a reasonable timeframe in which to take corrective action
  • Removal or blockage of material that has resulted in the violation including, but not limited to, illegal content
  • Suspension or delay of the delivery of E-mail if deemed excessive
  • Filtering of Internet transmissions
  • Suspension or termination of your broadband Internet service account

Customers could also experience longer download or upload times or slower web surfing.

How will I know if my account is suspended because of a violation of Plateau’s policies, the Broadband Internet AUP, Terms and Conditions of Service or Service Agreement?

What should I do if my account is suspended?

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