Plateau's Self Install Services

Plateau Requirement to Not Enter Customer Homes

As the situation with COVID–19 remains extremely dynamic, Plateau continues to monitor recommendations from government agencies. We are complying with those recommendations to keep our customers and employees as safe as possible, while taking action to minimize its effects.

In adherence with our efforts to protect our customers and employees from the virus, we have recently updated our procedures to limit technicians’ interaction within our customers’ homes. We will continue to dispatch our technicians to customer homes for new installs and service affecting outages; however, we are restricting them from entering customer homes.

Safety Practices

We understand that communications services are needed now more than ever, so we have implemented several new safety practices to keep everyone safe:

  • Asking our customers to self-certify that no one in the home is under quarantine or has flu-like symptoms.
  • Daily temperature checks for all technicians.
  • Asking our technicians to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after every customer visit.
  • Practicing 6 feet physical distancing during any customer or public interaction.
  • Using a no-contact hands-off method for any equipment or materials given to a customer.
  • Implementing a self-install service method that allows our technician to be on-site to enable a new service installation without the technician entering the home.
  • Technicians will wipe down any equipment or cables given to a customer with sanitizing wipes.
  • The technician will take care of any work that needs to happen outside of the home.

Customer Needs

Here are some things you can do to help the technician with the new self-install service installation:

  • Install Google Duo on your smartphone and be prepared to initiate a video session with the technician while he is at your home. Google Duo Download in Google Play | Google Duo Download in Apple App Store | Google Duo Setup
  • Make sure all your pets are separated from the areas the technician will be working in.
  • It may be necessary to conduct a wall penetration from an outside wall to the inside of your home to push a fiber, copper or Ethernet cable through. Have someone available that can help the technician determine the best method to make this penetration.
  • Have some small tools available to use inside your home while the technician is outside. Don’t worry, the technician will talk you through it. Those tools might include:
    • Tape measure or something to measure with
    • Phillips screwdriver
    • Some type of tape e.g., electrical
  • Be flexible in the way your service is installed. The self-install method is a temporary solution to provide you immediate access to critical services. We will be back when this is over to make the install permanent and to make everything look nice and professional.
  • If you’re not comfortable helping the technician with a self-install, perhaps you can invite a family member or friend to help you inside your home while the technician is on-site.
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