Los Lunas, NM Fiberhood Areas

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Fiberhood Status

To view if your location qualifies for fiber to your home, please locate your house on the map. If your home is in a zone with the darker blue "connected" color, you are ready to receive Fiber to your home! Check back often to get real time status updates on your zone. Also, please like us on Facebook, and we will be posting periodic status updates on the Gigabit City race!

  • Pre-Registration
  • Qualified
  • Construction
  • Connected

Map Disclaimer: Address pin location cannot be guaranteed to depict accurate service area. Please use the quick address lookup to verify available service(s) at your location.

Zone Updates

Zone 1


Zone 2

Pre-Register 78%

Zone 3


Zone 4

Construction In Progress 121%

Zone 5

Pre-Register 61%

Zone 6


Zone 7

Pre-Register 44%

Zone 8

Pre-Register 28%

Zone 9

Pre-Register 31%

Zone 10

Pre-Register 17%

Zone 11

Pre-Register 12%

Zone 12

Pre-Register 9%

Zone 13

Pre-Register 9%

Zone 14


Gigabit City Race

Plateau Fiber has added new zones for pre-registration in your area. Sign up today, have your fiberhood registered and get one step closer to becoming the next Gigabit City!

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